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Kreed Aventos Mini Crackling Wick Candle, 200g

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A bold and contemporary scent, a must-have if you are a fan of Creed Aventus. Perfect for your home, with notes of berries, apple and pineapple, complemented by deeper floral notes, finished with a touch of vanilla.

Our luxurious crackling wick candles are made using natural wood wicks, designed to gently crackle as they burn. They are absolutely perfect for creating a relaxing and calming ambience, whilst filling the room with stunning fragrance. 

Each hand-poured candle has an average burn time of 25-35 hours. 

Our wax is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, non- GMO, and not tested on animals.

Available in each of our popular fragrances - for a guide to our fragrances click here.

For the best results and safety, we recommend your first use to be a minimum of 30mins to allow the top layer to fully melt, creating an even burn and a maximum of 2hours to prevent the vessel from overheating. 

Do not leave candles unattended

Ensure you are trimming the wick before each burn to prevent a tall flame.